Garage Society Run for Refugeek Programme

What’s Happening?

Sponsor 4 runners from Garage Society

Four members of the Garage Society community who are training Moontrekker will commit to running 1000k before 16th October, and are seeking sponsors for this cause.

Our Goal

to run 1000k before 16th October

To support 4 refugees through the Refugeek Programme by raising a total of HKD 16000. Learn more about SCMP’s feature on RefuGeek here.



Funded target 16000HKD 0

Who is Running?

Alyn Watkins

Hello all, I’m Alyn and the instigator of this idea! This is my 5th Moontrekker and I’m excited we’ve got a Garage Society Team of friends to train together and raise funds and awareness to support RefuGeek in giving refugees an opportunity to excel as coders!


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James Bernardo

Hi I’m James, the youngest member of this intrepid group of Garagers at a sprightly 31. I’ve intended to tackle Moontrekker ever since moving to HK three years ago but the planets failed to align. I’m excited to have this opportunity to launch myself over Lantau alongside fellow Garagers, whilst raising awareness and funds to support the great work of RefuGeek in opening up education for all.

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Paul Leishman

I’m Paul, and I am equal parts excited and terrified to be tackling Moontrekker this year! Excited to be contributing in a small way to a great cause in RefuGeek; terrified by how challenging I’m expecting the trek to be!

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Will Tidwell

Hi I’m Will and a newbie to Hong Kong. I jumped on the chance to participate in Moontrekker before really thinking it through… If Paul is equal parts excited and terrified, I am fully terrified. Never done anything like this before but ready for the challenge and the chance to support RefuGeek’s amazing work.

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