Refugeek Journeys 

Refugeek Journey is our introductory level course into the digital world. Provided to refugees and asylum seekers at no cost, we aim to help our students develop a sound understanding of traditional office resources such as Google Suite. In their first lesson, students learn how to use Google Docs and soon progress to learn how to use Google Sheets and Google Slides in future lessons. At the end of the course, students submit a final project in the form of a presentation to showcase their new skills. 

Refugeek Cohorts

Refugeek Cohort is our advanced level program that helps students delve deeper into the backend side of the digital world. For example, students are taught JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, and are given the task of creating a multipage website. With this base knowledge, students are then introduced to WordPress. For their final project, students are tasked with creating a UNHCR website for displaced persons.